Sanakan is a Safeguard and a major character in Blame!.


The Electro-Fishers

As a High-Level Safeguard, Sanakan was a guardian of the Netsphere, created to prevent unauthorized entry by those without a Net Terminal Gene. Her first known download into the base reality (the physical world) in response to a colony of humans and Governors being discovered on the same Megastructure level that contained Toha Heavy Industries. At this time she resembled most other Safeguard agents, save a feminine build and a large Gravitational Beam Emitter for an arm. Proceeding with her mission, she and the Exterminators with her dispatched nearly all the humans, by either gunning them down or turning them into more Safeguards. Some time after Killy and Cibo came across the sight of the battle on their journey, where Sanakan ambushed them by explosively emerging from one of the injured Governors. Killy immediately tried to shoot her, though she was able to dodge (and surprise Killy with her speed/skill) and made her way towards Cibo, who had been injured by her explosion. She fired her own GBE at Cibo, but Killy managed to counter it with his own beam, resulting in a massive explosion. Sanakan was unscathed by it and attacked a dazed Killy, slashing him across the face and into a wall. As a Safeguard vehicle made it's way towards her to pick her up, she pinned Killy down and fired an Exterminator conversion dart into his arm. Seeing that this had no effect on him, she fired numerous more into his face, poisoning him, before kicking him into the water below the cliff they were battling on. Believing both him and Cibo to be dead, she departed with her remaining Exterminators. [1]

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Appearance and Personality

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As a Safeguard agent, she does not appear to have any emotions, though she may imitate them in order to complete her mission (such as when she was posing as a child to gain entry to the Electrofisher village). Her mindset is focused solely on her current objective, and she will go to any length in order to see it through.

This changes after she returns in a human body; while she retains most of her emotionless features, she constantly shows concern for her Cibo (as well as their child) and becomes visibly worried from time to time. She still possesses her determination to complete her mission, even willing to give up her own existence for it.


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