"Silicon Souls" is the sixth chapter of Blame!, and the seventh chapter of Volume 1.


Killy moves in to stop the Exterminators from killing the rest of the villagers. By the time he reaches the next floor the villagers in the area have already been slaughtered, though he sees more ahead. Before he can make a shot, however, an explosion blasts away one of the walls, killing all the villagers and most of the Exterminators. A heavily build Silicon Creature emerges, and is immediately clawed in the face by an Exterminator; he responds by gunning them down with his arm cannon. He throws a spherical grenade-like device into the air, and Killy takes cover behind a pillar as it supposedly dispels a burst of radiation, frying the rest of the Exterminators.

The Silicon Creature then turns to Killy, claiming that he knows him. A second Silicon Creature emerges, dragging the corpse of a villager behind her. Surrounded on both sides, Killy asks if he knew about the Exterminator's attack on the village; the male Silicon Lifeform reveals that they were just passing through, and says that the Exterminators' thought process is too complicated for the Silicon Creatures to understand. Killy suddenly reveals that he destroyed one of their nurseries; both Silicon Lifeforms appear horrified by the news, and the male orders the female to dispose of Killy, warning her not to get hit by his gun.

She tosses the villager body into the air over Killy's head as she approaches him. Giggling, she makes a grab for his gun, which he pulls away in time. He is the kicked in the stomach and knocked against a pillar, the has his head kicked through said pillar. As he is seemingly unconscious (if not dead), the male walks towards them, asking if she retrieved his genetic records. Killy suddenly bursts from the pillar, throwing her into the opposite wall before placing his gun straight to her forehead and firing. The entire floor begins to crumble from the force of the blast as the male Silicon Creature shoots Killy with his arm cannon, sending him flying. Killy then makes a dash for a vent in the ground and leaps through, falling for possible miles before managing to land on an outcropping pipe.

Character Appearances

  • Killy
  • Villagers
  • Exterminators
  • Silicon Male
  • Silicon Female

Notes & Trivia

  • Despite having numerous previous appearances, this is the firsts time the Silicon Creatures are given a name.
  • This chapter is one of the five chapters that were adapted into the ONA: the others are chapters 10, 11, 26, and 2.

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