"The Authorities" is the fourth chapter of Blame!, and the fifth chapter of Volume 1.


Wandering through many more hallways, Killy investigates a liquid dripping from an open pipe. He eventually reaches an open space, where he can see upwards for many floors. He is startled by the appearance of a child and immediately draws his gun; the child simply continues to approach. Killy asks if people live nearby, then asks for food, but the child remains silent, merely staring at him. Thinking he won't get anything, Killy starts to ascend the stairs to the next floor, when the child suddenly speaks up. They say that he won't reach a village for another 40 floors, but he does have some food.

Killy accepts the food and prepares to trade with the child, but a bullet from an unknown assailant causes the child's head to explode. The now headless body then begins to stumble and walk back to the dark room it emerged from. Three armed renegades suddenly appear, hitting Killy over the head with a gun before firing at the child's body, reducing it to ribbons. The renegades (a young man, a young woman, and an older man) stand over Killy, keeping a gun to his head. The female takes a close look at him and confirms he's human. They discuss killing him, and the female tries to take his weapon; Killy grabs her arm, only for her to twist it behind his back and force him to the ground. An interrogation begins, and Killy reveals he's from over 5,000 floors below; they are shocked to hear this but don't believe him. Killy reveals his mission to find a Net Terminal Gene, though they claim that he will not find anyone further on. Before letting him go they throw his bag over the edge of the abyss, which he makes a grab for, though they kick him in the stomach for this, then leave.

Distraught, Killy stays sitting against the wall when the child suddenly reappears. The renegades detect it's presence and open fire, though the child, in a surprising reveal of strength, brutally decapitates the young man and woman before shooting the older man in the head. Killy can only watch shocked as the child turns to him and grins before walking away towards what may be a village in the distance.

Character Appearances

  • Killy
  • Strange child
  • Renegade Man 1
  • Renegade Man 2
  • Renegade Woman

Notes & Trivia

  • It is unknown what the child is, though the events of Log 5 (and the title) seem to point towards it being a high-level Authority model.

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