"Beautiful Life" is the thirty-sixth chapter of Blame!, and the sixth chapter of Volume 6.


Killy and Cibo wander the City, looking for a method to analyze their sample of Seu’s DNA. They encounter two girls, who flee into the bowels of an infrastructural section. Tracking the girls, they discover a population of similar-looking women of various ages. The women seem unable to speak, and are living in destitution.

Killy’s enhanced senses determine that the women are all clones of the same person, and devoid of the net terminal gene. Disgusted, he notes that he has seen phenomena like this before.

Cibo discovers a chamber where the original woman is connected to machinery, which keeps her alive and forces her to continually gestate clones of herself. Newborns lay unattended in a nest. Mercifully, Killy kills the woman, and blasts the machinery.

The clones, their twisted lineage ended, look on as Cibo and Killy leave the area.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • The origin of the cloning arrangement is unclear. Perhaps it was an automated process that went awry without oversight, or an abandoned experiment by some unknown entity. It is likely meant to be a horrific example of the unknowable variety of chaotic conditions throughout the City.

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