"Memories of Earth" is the second chapter of Blame!, and the second chapter of Volume 1.


A group of grub-like creatures are seen devouring a tower, which collapses and sends the bugs raining down around Killy. Unfazed, he is seen sitting on a platform with the body of the young boy, seemingly waiting for something. An elevator ascends from below, carrying with it a young woman and a mechanically altered canine. The woman attaches a pair of arms to herself as the elevator comes to a sudden stop at the platform Killy is sitting at. As the door opens, the dog rushes out and observes Killy as the young woman carries with her what appears to be an artificial Net Gene Terminal.

Hooking the body of the young boy up to the terminal, and after some technical difficulties, the woman makes a call to an unknown entity, informing them of "irregularities" in the body. She sits next to Killy and orders him to investigate detected lifeforms over 3,000 levels above, though they are not sure whether or not they are human. Killy presents her with a very ancient book and asks her about the "earth" mentioned within. She takes more interest in the book, however, having never seen anything like it.

Noting that it is getting dark, she prepares to leave; she offers to give Killy a lift to the next level, though his silence is taken as a decline.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • Aside from a flashback in chapter 51, this is the only appearance of the young woman and the dog.
  • This chapter is one of the five chapters that were adapted into the ONA: the others are chapters 6, 10, 11, and 26.

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