"Limit Cancel" is the twentieth chapter of Blame!, and the second chapter of Volume 4.


In the cyberspace, Cibo’s remaining form dissolves out of the Safeguard units’ grasp. She enters their virtual control vehicle, resuming her influence. Through the local net, with perhaps her last living effort, Cibo unlocks a limiter on Killy’s weapon, expanding its firing potential.

As the surviving Electrofishers struggle with the entry hatch of Toha Heavy Industries, Killy defends them from a horde of Exterminators and the Safeguard colossus. To capitalize on the removal of his weapon’s limiter, he connects cables from himself to surrounding Exterminator corpses. He channels their energy through himself and into his gun.

The resulting shot, indicated on the gun with an ‘X’ symbol, obliterates the head of the colossus and penetrates many miles through the surrounding City. The recoil mangles Killy’s arm, and the shockwave causes the floor to shatter beneath him.

When Killy climbs back up, the area is deserted, and the hatch into Toha is open. He meets one who appears to be Sanakan, restored to her human form.

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