LOG. 1 - The Net's Offspring
Volume 1 • Chapter 1 • 34 Pages
English Title Net Terminal Genes
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"The Net's Offspring" is the first chapter of Blame!, and the first chapter of Volume 1.


Maybe on Earth. Maybe in the Future.

The story of Blame! opens up on two individuals walking along a narrow catwalk, one of them a young man and the other a small child. The bridge they are crossing is high up above a great chasm, bolts of lightning crashing between the two massive structures further down. Above them, manta ray-like creatures float along the ceiling.

The two spot another individual approaching them from up ahead. The young man quickly motions the child to hide underneath the flooring of the bridge, though an opening behind them. The approaching figure calls out to the young man, revealed to be a small man cloaked in rags. He says that its been a very long time since he's seen anyone, and asks where he came from. Proceeding passed the young man, he claims that he thought he had seen him with another person from farther back. He passes it off as just being his imagination, but walks towards the opening in the floor where the child still hides.

Before he has a chance to investigate, the young man gets his attention. Turning around, the rag man turns to find a gun pointed at him. In that instant, he begins to transform before the young mans eyes, his arm growing into some mechanized skeleton. The young man fires his gun before the transformation can finish, the recoil throwing him backwards. The shot goes clean through the creature, continuing on until it hits the wall at the end and causes a large explosion. The young man heads over to the open floor panel and retrieves the child. The boy asks if the creature was after his genes, referring to the young man as Killy. The two continue towards the other side of the chasm.


Some time later, two other bio-mechanized creatures approach the rag mans body. The shorter of the two kneels down before him and extracts a small cable from the side of its head. It places the other end of the cable into the exact same location on the rag man, and the two begin to communicate to each other through it. The rag man thanks the two for finding him so quickly, but the creature only seems to be interested in what he's found. The rag man brings up a display of the child from earlier, confirming that he carries pre-mutation genes. The creature asks the same about the young man the child was with, to which the rag man responds that he "would not scan". He then urges the other two to save his memory, but the creature quickly disconnects itself from him instead. The taller creature then tosses his body down the shaft.


Character Appearances

  • Killy
  • Young Boy
  • Silicon Creature 1
  • Silicon Creature 2
  • Silicon Creature 3


To be Added

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