"Massacre" is the eighteenth chapter of Blame!, and the seventh and final chapter of Volume 3.


A colossal Safeguard creature faces the group. Killy’s weapon penetrates it, but it quickly repairs itself. As it prepares to fire a massive graviton beam emitter from its head, Cibo and her Electrofisher escort return, riding a giant Builder. Neurally connected to the Builder, Cibo uses it as a surrogate body to stop the colossus and clear the blockage to the Toha Heavy Industries entrance.

The colossus deploys maggot-like limbs to attack the group, but Killy fights them off. Smaller tentacles dig into the floor and construct a wave of Exterminators. As the evacuees flee towards Toha, the Electrofishers form a firing line to defend them.

An energy bolt from the colossus impacts near Killy, delivering a reconstructed Sanakan, who can now absorb shots from Killy’s graviton weapon. Sanakan implies that Killy is himself a Safeguard, and that the nanobody infection inflicted on him earlier was meant to repair him, but failed. His registration is therefore revoked, and he is to be destroyed.

Cibo is weakened by the stresses of her recent connection with Killy’s augmented brain, and of controlling the Builder. She and her Builder collapse as Killy and Sanakan begin to duel.

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