"Planters" is the fourteenth chapter of Blame!, and the third chapter of Volume 3.


Sutezo and Pops travel with Cibo and Sanakan to the Electrofisher’s village, carrying the unconscious Killy. They ride a train which stops and proceeds automatically, heedless of passengers. At a large, dormant Builder, Pops remarks that Builders are not directly hostile to humans.

The village is a layered habitation sector built around a core structure, which Cibo identifies as Toha Heavy Industries from inscriptions on its wall. The two Fishermen are surprised and excited at Cibo’s ability to read, a skill which their people have lost. They recount their distant ancestors, named Planters for a forgotten reason, once residing within the Toha structure. At some point, they exited, and were unable to return.

At the village, the group leaves Killy in the care of a healer called Zuru. Pops and Sutezo ask Cibo to examine an entry hatch to Toha, as they are unable to read the directions. Cibo opens the hatch, potentially offering the Fishermen access to their heritage.

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