"Safety Guard" is the eleventh chapter of Blame!, and the fifth and final chapter of Volume 2.


The Authority Proxy explains that the inhabitants of the Netsphere’s virtual realities and the humans of the base reality are mutually isolated by a widespread infection. The infection inhibits the usage of proper Net connection channels from either side. This allows the City to grow randomly, compromising the hardware of the Netsphere embedded in the megastructure. Any connections are met with Safeguard countermeasures, which the Authority has limited ability to inhibit from their control layer of the net.

Cibo and Killy learn that even the Authority does not have access to a net terminal gene, though they believe humans who possess the gene exist. Killy’s mission to find the gene is imperative to reconnecting the realities, curbing the City’s growth, and restoring order.

More Safeguard entities begin to materialize, drawing matter directly from the tower. Killy and Cibo proceed to the top, using Killy’s weapon to penetrate the megastructure and barely escape.

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