Killy on the front cover of Blame! - Vol. 9

Killy is the main protagonist in Blame!, a secret agent of the Safeguard who travels though the Megastructure to find a human with Net Terminal Genes.


Early life

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Volume 1

In his first appearance in-series, he was seen escorting a young boy - a possible gene carrier - through Silicon Creature territory. He dispatched one, though two more captured the boy and his GBE, forcing him to flee. He came across a dilapidated vehicle, which he used to kill one of the remaining Silicon Lifeforms before it is destroyed by the second one, though he was able to retrieve his GBE and shoot it. He attempted to free the child but he was too late, as the Silicon Lifeforms had already killed him.

He reported back to one of his superiors, delivering the body of the boy. After he was given orders from her to investigate signs of life on a far above level, he showed her an ancient book he found, asking for information on "earth" - a place he had apparently never heard of before. She offered to give him a lift to the next level, though he silently declined.

Wandering further, he was attacked and injured by a group of insect-like creatures known as "Watchers"; his comatose body was found by the "Technomads", a settlement of humans that were currently taking shelter nearby, where they take him to heal him. After he reawakened, he asked around to see if any of them were carrying the Net Terminal Gene; none of them are. Disappointed, he injected himself with one of his shots, causing him to sleep. An attack from the Watchers caused him to wake up, and from there he helped defend the village. Afterwards he had one of them show him the nest of the creatures, which he blew up with his GBE.

Incredibly hungry, Killy wandered until he found a Silicon Lifeform nursery, which he broke into. Once inside, he consumed their entire food supply - angering the sentry stationed there. Narrowly escaping, he fired his GBE and destroyed the entire nursery - though for a brief moment he seemed concerned about the babies inside.

Still searching for food, he eventually came across a strange, silent boy. The boy prepared to trade with him but was shot by a trio of humans, who attacked and restrained Killy. They interrogated him, and he revealed that he had traveled over 5,000 floors to get to where he was now. Not believing him, and thinking he was working with "The Authorities", they threw his bag into the abyss and warned him to stay away - almost immediately before the three were brutally killed by the child. Killy ends up being spared and watched the child leave.

After a brief sleep, he found the village mentioned by the child shortly ahead, with bloodied bodies of the population scattered everywhere. Discovering that one of the inhabitants is alive (albeit missing both legs), he learned what happened by connecting to her memories with a strange device attached to him. Through her memories he saw that they killed the child when it attacked the village, then were shortly after attacked and killed by "the Authorities" - robotic creatures resembling Safeguard Exterminators. Along with the survivor, whom he strapped to his back, they left to find the settlement's DNA records to see if the Net Gene was here. A search of the village shows no one survived; arming themselves, they encounter two more of the "Authorities", which get mowed down by the survivor's automatic weapon. A third Authority appeared and tackled them off the ledge they were fighting on; in the ensuing struggle, the survivor's arm was snapped, and Killy is able to shoot the Authority in the head.

After possibly hours more of wandering, Killy realized the survivor had perished from blood loss, and turned to find a nearby group of survivors making a stand against the Authorities. Either from wanting to avenge the survivor or to see if any of the others carried the Net Gene, Killy prepared to help them fight, when two Silicon Creatures showed up and wiped out both the Authorities and the survivors. The larger of the two claimed he recognized Killy and had a brief conversation with him; afterwards Killy gloated with a smirk that he was the one that blew up the Silicon Lifeform nursery. Distraught, the two attacked and injured him, kicking his head into a wall; he ended up fighting back, shooting the female Silicon Lifeform point blank in the head before being forced to retreat down a hole after being shot by the male.

His long fall was ended when he landed on some pipes jutting out from one of the surrounding buildings. As he made his way to the building, he was greeted by a disheveled man, claiming that he's the "curer" they'd been waiting for. The man, Kumoi, took him inside and gave him food as he told him about the activity of the Builders in the area and introduced him to his wife, Yaki - who Kumoi didn't seem to realize was dead. After Killy revealed he was not the "curer", a Builder arrived and started to construct inside the building, despite Kumoi's pleas to stop. Killy used a device that transmitted binary code to shut off the builder; amazed, Kumoi asks him to stop a giant builder that had slowly been traveling towards the area. They work together to stop it and Kumoi begins to rejoice, though the celebration is interrupted by the appearance of the Silicon Lifeform before, who had been following Killy the whole time. He fatally wounded Kumoi before dishing out a brutal beatdown to Killy. The man was barely able to fire off the GBE, blasting the Silicon Lifeform through the chest. Killy tried to calm Kumoi in his last moments, telling him "the curer is here", though the dying man realized there is no such person. Killy placed his body next to Yaki's before continuing on his journey.

Volume 2

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Weapons & Abilities

Killy wields a Graviton Beam Emitter, which is capable of blasting massive holes in the Megastructure. Physically, he is very powerful, surviving injuries that would kill a normal human without a scratch. Only a high-level being can injure him significantly.

Appearance & Personality

Killy looks like a normal human being in his mid to late twenties.

He is stoic, quiet, and fully devoted to his mission. He may seem to only help those that are useful to him, but there are a few instances where he goes beyond his quest to protect someone. He is never distracted and attacks enemies without hesitation, making him very dangerous.

Notes & Trivia

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