Killy on the front cover of Blame! - Vol. 9

Killy is the main protagonist in Blame!, a secret agent of the Safeguard who travels though the Megastructure to find a human with Net Terminal Genes.


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Killy looks like a normal human being in his mid to late twenties.


Killy is stoic, quiet, and fully devoted to his mission. He may seem to only help those that are useful to him, but there are a few instances where he goes beyond his quest to protect someone. He is never distracted and attacks enemies without hesitation, making him very dangerous.

Weapons and Abilities

Killy wields a Graviton Beam Emitter, which is capable of blasting massive holes in the Megastructure. Physically, he is very powerful, surviving injuries that would kill a normal human without a scratch. Only a high-level being can injure him significantly.


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