In the world of Blame! there are many races and sub-human races living within the vast City. This page contains a list of known species that play a role in the storyline.


A small community of human survivors who survive by scavenging old equipment and frequently moving to new shelters to avoid detection. They are at a constant war with the insectoid beings known as Watchers and have lost many of their number to them. Early on in Blame! they find and save an injured Killy, who lives with them while he recovers. After another devastating attack from the Watchers they lead Killy to the main hive of the insectoids, which the man destroys, taking care of the Technomads' problem for good.

Theorized to be related to the Planters and Electrofishers, as they wear similar armor. Judging from their reactions to finding Killy, a living human, it's assumed they have been cut off from other civilizations for an incredibly long time.

  • Yone
  • Asako
  • Shichizo

Silicon Creatures

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Dry Men

Also known as Drybodies, Dry Men are a tribal group of sub-humans living within the machinery landscape near the Bio-Electric Corporation. At first they are portrayed as savages, until it is revealed the Corporation has been harvesting them for their organs to sell on their markets.

In Blame!, Killy encounters one of them on his way to the Corporation, and saves it from a large snake-like creature; the rest show up shortly after to recover up their comrade, sparing Killy for what he did before leaving. Later on while escorting Laborers to the Corporation, their ship is attacked by a group of Dry Men, whom he fights off, and upon arrival at the Corporation's docks he discovers several deceased Dry Men in the ship's cargo, including the one he saved earlier. After he realizes what the Corporation has been doing, Killy avenges the Dry Men by going on a rampage through the Corporation's docks.

Dry Men do not appear to be capable of speech, and seem to communicate through hand-signals. Their name comes from the large cracks in their skin, making them appear as dried-out. For weapons, they wield incredibly large metal poles, capable of impaling solid metal.

Their clothing is adorned with skulls and other bones from their kills.

Bio-Electric Corporation




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  • Zuru
  • Pops
  • Sutezo
  • Tae
  • Fusata
  • Atsuji


Residing as workers within the Toha Heavy Industries building, Planters were theorized to be ancestors of the Electro-fishers. They wore armor similar to the Electro-fishers' armor, though they were noticeably much taller, towering above even Killy. Almost all the Planters were supposedly wiped out by the Safeguard, with Seu being the only known survivor.

Minor Cultures