Cibo is a major character in Blame!.


Early life

As a human, Cibo was the head scientist for the Bio-Electric Corporation. Among other things (such as an attempt to break through the Megastructure walls), she was tasked with leading the project to create an artificial Net Terminal Gene in order to access the Netsphere. She was able to connect the artificial Net Gene carrier very briefly before the Safeguard arrived and denied them access; shortly after they killed the carrier and emerged into the base reality, as Cibo tried too late to cut connection. The Safeguard slaughtered the rest of the scientists and the lab as Cibo watched in horror, unable to halt them. Her body was then destroyed in an explosion caused by one of the Exterminators.

Her superiors recreated her from backup data, then sentenced her to imprisonment in the lowest levels of the capitol for the catastrophe she caused.

Meeting Killy

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The Electro-Fishers

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Toha Heavy Industries

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The Unofficial Level

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Level 9

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Appearance & Personality

Cibo's appearance changes frequently throughout the series. As a human, Cibo was a young, very tall woman with a petite build and short black hair. Her uniform, different from that of the rest of the scientists, may have marked her status as the head scientist.

After she created a new body for herself, she had regained her tall, slim figure, though now had shoulder-length, white hair to go with it. Later on, after this body was destroyed by the Safeguard, she took control of Sanakan's sleep-mode body; in this form she now resembled a child with short white hair, and had the ability to sprout incredibly long, butterfly-like wings.

Work in Progress

Weapons & Abilities

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Notes & Trivia

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