Blame! - Volume 6
192 Pages • 7 Chapters
March, 2001 (Japanese)
November 7, 2006 (English)
ISBN 4-06-314263-9 (Japanese)
1-59532-839-4 (English)
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The Sixth Volume of Blame! was released in March of 2001 by Kodansha, and on November 7th, 2006 by TOKYOPOP.

This volume concludes the Toha Heavy Industries arc. Intense battles all around - Killy vs Maeve, Seu vs Ivy, and Mensab vs the Central AI. But when Sanakan suddenly retakes control of Cibo and endangers the entire structure, Toha must take emergency measures and forcibly relocate itself. Everyone must now act quickly if they hope to survive this ordeal.


Multiple showdowns hit simultaneously in the cyberdungeon world of BLAME... and Killy is just one Graviton Beam Emitter away from meeting his ultimate maker.



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